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How Do We Describe the Taste of E-cigarettes

by Tiffany Webb

Speak of the “taste” of e-cigarettes, subway is the most commonly used word “one hundred people”. Indeed, in the eyes of the VAPOR, “Taste” is a metaphysical. What do you think of taste good, I may not agree; I feel great taste level, you might just think about. Although everyone’s favorite taste is different, everyone’s pursuit of taste is invariably the same.

We all know, different e-liquid, resistance, atomizer, mod. Tie-in together can produce different taste.And how much do you know about e-cigarettes taste? Today I will talk to you about the taste.

When talking about taste, most beginners would have thought that a taste first type atomizer. So, what is the distinguishing feature of texture type atomizer?

The common characteristic of the texture type atomizer:

1. The narrow flue, small air inlet, mouth suck resistance fit, not suitable for pulmonary absorption.

2. Natural single-shot, taste type zero mostly single zero change, because single zero resistance it is easy to control, plus small atomization warehouse more full-bodied palate.

3. In order to let the smoke together make the palate is rich, atomization space is small, usually as far as possible in order to reduce smog and air with air, to ensure that the smoke reduction degree.

In addition to the atomizer, has a direct effect on taste is smoke oil. Taste of smoke oil, can be regarded as the most difficult of smoke oil modulation. Taste zero it is suitable for use of smoke oil ratio (VG/PG) is commonly: 50, 50/40/60, 60/40, 70/30. Taste type smoke oil, prominent features: administrative levels feels strong, compound flavor, good liquidity, diversification. So it is usually small type of smoke oil smoke, but hit throat feels strong, suit to use 6 mg nicotine contents.

Early made the modelling of cigarette, e-cigarettes are often be used to give up smoking. Therefore. e-cigarettes taste also have often been used compared with cigarettes. But e-cigarettes and cigarettes are the two different products, we have more than once popular science. Once the e-cigarette is instead of a cigarette, but now the e-cigarettes more of interest, such as collectables – autograph, photography, painting and calligraphy, become a kind of culture.

Is the essential difference between e-cigarettes and cigarettes, cigarette burning tobacco, is a plant. Our suction is burning tobacco smoke, will add some other material into the lungs, example, such as carbon monoxide, tar. Electronic heating the oil smoke, the smoke is not really a smoke, but water vapor. Because of this, the essential difference between e-cigarettes with the taste of cigarettes is not the same. E-cigarettes can control the content of nicotine, and can satisfy the pursuit of smokers to smoke, like a healthy choice.

Taste type zero resistance, is not high, personally think that more than 0.7 Ω, including 0.7, are texture types. 0.5 Ω or lower data for the smoke.So take food taste teach according to 30 w – 80 w between box can meet the demand of daily use.Specific use how many W is entangled with a lot of friends, a formula can be applied: the square of the voltage/resistance = power (conventional voltage of 3.7 V to 4.2)Set into the reference range of 3.7 4.2 V to calculate power, can be adjusted within the scope of the data to find the right taste.

In order to allow more players can find their favorite taste, there are a lot of DTY is zero.But in DIY zero device in use process, a lot of kinds of reasons will affect the taste, such as:

1, Water droplets. Should be accurately condensate after atomization, namely cold heat convection of water vapor, this is no way to avoid.

2, Frying oil. Affect the taste and frying oil, frying oil may be the cause of cotton, VG or smoke oil content is too low.

3, Paste core. Paste core majority because of poor conduction oil, cotton, or cotton extrusion is too tight.

Mod now most contain: power output, temperature control, mechanical the three patterns, three output modes represent different habits, power control range is large, low resistance, high resistance, such as play of many.At the beginning of the temperature control mode from the design, is going to make it the simplest form of smoking, not paste core, rapid heating, simple operation.Actually does not achieve satisfactory results. Because oil smoke, atomizer, conductive stability, structure, temperature, mod, the database will affect the use of atomizer.Machinery pattern similar to waste, but mechanical pattern such as short circuit protection function. We use less, because the mod according to the output voltage of the battery power left in good taste does not guarantee continuous. So this kind of model in the box and can’t get good results.

Oil storage taste it zero resistance is high, the warehouse space is little, atomization of smoke closer liquefied state, so residual is heavy taste in the mouth, throat feeling strong, suitable for collocation is 6 mG. 3 mg of smoke oil use.Drops of oil atomizer resistance is generally low, inside the warehouse space is large, atomized smoke slants big, high air and alignment, atomized smoke closer to the state of gasification, smoke in the mouth feel full. Suitable with 0 mg. 3 mg smoke oil use.So in the choice of atomizer, depends on what you want is full of smoke, or full-bodied palate.

In general, each person the best taste in the heart, is when you put the smoke inhaled mouth, is like the most comfortable feeling.Recommended equipment and only a small reference data, this paper does not represent all the habits and preferences, your favorite taste, still have to depend on oneself to try a lot!

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