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SMOK NORD smoke small suit, crazy to jilt counterparts a few streets!

by Tiffany Webb

Recently, SMOK electronic cigarette brand to launch alittle size electronic cigarette kit – Nord, its positioning like better to convenient for users to hold , convenient operation, the battery host overall modelling is fruity, positive visible SMOK product LOGO and therefore the ignition keys with LED lights, Nord and CE not marked on the rear .
Nord double-sided adopt the checkered decoration patch design, has the excellent effect of fingerprint. Fuselage main body and therefore the top and bottom edges are all batteries are highlights chrome steel rod internal gold plated contact, below the rubber gasket design, on the fuselage edge thickness of it work more solid, do not have to stress about extrusion deformation, charging port is placed within the bottom of the fuselage greatly improves the body feeling of oneness. Compared with the tiny smoke, Noed have greater storage capacity, at an equivalent time on the suction way, Nord is suitable for mild pulmonary suck!

Now on the market mainstream smoke. General use saltAlthough salt solution addiction effect is good. But some players still familiar with using the oil smoke nicotine will inevitably to those in love. Little smoke modelling of players “rejected”.For the tiny cigarette use radiation to all or any recently launched a SMOK. Supports both nicotine smoke oil. And support of the salt little smoke.

The design of the NORD maintained. The design sort of the previous NOVODo manual work is delicate, superior appearance levelIs the foremost intuitive NORD external performance.
The fuselage with perfect surface treatment NORD grip is great. Paint is extremely glamorous. Especially the front and back. Do the celebs effect of serpentine panel. Very good promoted NORD texture and aesthetic feeling.
NORD the front design with the ignition key. NORD may be a physical buttons operation is little compared to smoke flow switch type smoke. Hotkey type design can put an end to the occurrence of oil spills.
NORD is as high as 1100 mAh. Completely is that the king of the tiny range of smokeNormal use, 2 to three days off and three ml of oil storage is additionally be refreshed the small smoke storage of latest record.

The suction nozzle of NORD used flat design and lips fit and comfortable. At an equivalent time inside the rear taper design can accelerate the condenser to stop condensation entrance problems.
NORD smoke flare tank design have convenient observation window player software accurate grasp of the remaining to my side of the colloid plug. Used to animal oil holeSo NORD for lateral inlet little smoke.

Smoke flare at rock bottom of the opening for installing the atomization core. This is that the NORD– “machine” is multi-purpose. The change of various atomizing core. Change of the role of NORD are often realizedHowever, when installing the atomization core. A little attention to the matter of the direction.

Such as using the traditional core 1.42 can smoke taste. When using 0.62 stencil core can play smoke againThe most gratified.  The factory specially for NORD equipped with1.40 ceramic core for ChouDing salt. But may be a standard before purchaseAs for the taste and therefore the suction resistance personal feeling is extremely great, of course, also needn’t worry about the spill.  Because the core at rock bottom of the apronsEnsure that the NORD’s air tightness.
No matter the way to sayNORD launch broke. The use of the prevailing small smoke category. Can well meet the utilization requirements of various playersAt an equivalent time as alwaysUse nicotine smoke oil of playersTo make the transition to ding salt provides convenientAlthough its subordinate Yu Xiaoyan on modelling. But with the aim to understand the large smoke equipment multi-usage against the change really may be a happy little smoke all user groups.

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