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What Kind of E-liquid Tastes Good?

by Tiffany Webb

Because the constituents of e-liquid are vg, pg, nicotine, and flavors, it is said that the taste of e-liquid is determined by the taste and quality of the flavor! Many Vapors who have just started playing electronic cigarettes are worried about whether such a large smoke will choke It’s uncomfortable. In fact, most people who are new to contact will grab it, because your lungs can’t adapt to such a large amount of smoke temporarily, and the smoke stays in the mouth, so it will choke. In fact, when your lungs get used to such a large amount of smoke, you won’t choke by then!

At the beginning, it is recommended that some are relatively pure, and there is no throat to feel like smoke oil!

At present, there are many flavors in the electronic cigarette oil consumer market, which can be roughly divided into seven categories: fruits, health care, tobacco, beverages, milk, food, and herbal medicines. There are tens of thousands of kinds, which really complied with that sentence-there is nothing that can’t be provided, only flavors you can’t think of.

E-liquid, including domestic and imported ones. E-liquids from different sources and brands of different companies have very different tastes. In addition to these factors, such as raw materials, atomizers, battery power, and voltage, will also directly affect the taste of e-liquid.

Raw material

The main raw materials of e-liquid include flavor, propylene glycol and glycerin. The essence of the flavor determines 70% of the taste of the smoke oil. However, if the e-liquid contains high glycerin, the e-liquid will be sweeter, but at the same time, the smoke will increase.

If there is more propylene glycol, there will be a throat hit. If you have pharyngitis, it is recommended not to choose e-liquid with high propylene glycol.


On the market, there are many types of atomizers. Different atomizers have different tastes of smoke oil. The atomization effect of atomizers is different, so the taste is also different.

Therefore, it is necessary to select the proper battery and match the proper atomizer to give full play to the effect of the atomizer. It is recommended to choose a relatively high-quality atomizer when choosing an atomizer to have a better experience. Also, the atomizer should be checked and replaced frequently, the atomizer core or heating wire.

Battery voltage and power

Nowadays, many batteries have a voltage regulation function, which is designed for atomizers with different resistance values. For atomizers with small resistance values, low voltage should be used. If high voltage is used, it may have a stale taste. In severe cases, the heating wire may be burnt.

As for the power level, it is better to understand that when the power level is too low, the atomization effect decreases, at this time the smoke decreases and the taste is very poor.

The above is the relevant introduction about what flavor of e-liquid is easy to smoke. How can I experience the best flavor of e-liquid? First, buy the e-liquid that suits you, taste, smoke and taste. You have to choose it yourself. It’s a subjective thing. For the choice of taste, you still have to explore it yourself. Second, choose a good atomizer. It is best to use different atomizers for different flavors. Check and replace the atomizer core regularly. Finally, choose the right voltage for your atomizer and charge it in time!