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Zippo Vazo E-cigarette Evaluation: from a Well-known Family, Self-explanatory

by Tiffany Webb

As the title says, the product we are evaluating today is the VAZO ZE series of suits from the famous ZIPPO. Just listen to it slowly.


The VAZO brand belongs to the American Treasure Manufacturing Company, also known as the ZIPPO company, and its full name is Zippo Manufcturing Company. It is understood that as early as 2014, ZIPPO formed an e-cigarette category working group and carried out initial research and development; later, it passed the EU TPD and the HCPC test of the US FDA, and the battery cell passed the US UL test; registered the VAZO brand in 2018, and officially started in 2019 product release. VAZO is a brand-new brand developed by the company’s brand diversification strategy. The product is positioned as a mid-to-high-end business person. The design continues the brand spirit of ZIPPO, so it has received great attention when it first went public. ZIPPO is widely known as a world-renowned lighter brand. It originated in the early 1930s. It is famous for its superb windproof technology and exquisite design. Its global sales volume exceeds 500 million. It is a lighter that every man owns.

Ⅱ. Packaging and design

The front of the package is different from the way that most products on the market will expose the product picture. In addition to the color block vision, the front of the VAZO package only has the logo of ZIPPO VAZO. This should be the so-called brand confidence. Moreover, the logo adopts a hot stamping printing process, and you can feel the obvious raised lines when you touch it, showing a business atmosphere everywhere. The picture of the product appeared on the back of the package, as well as related product parameters, list details and manufacturer and distributor information. The front and back of the fuselage are the same, both printed with the ZIPPO VAZO logo. The shape is similar to the ZIPPO lighter, and is wider. It adopts the form of aluminum frame + panel, the mold is more difficult, and the product texture is also improved. The panel is different according to the material of different colors. For example, the ocher color (brownish) is a metal panel. The magical metal shell has a very good craftsmanship. When the photo was taken, it was accidentally scratched by the key. , I tried it several times, and it was the same; the black color is the glass paint, it is no exaggeration to say that it can be used as a mirror. There is a flame-shaped indicator light (ZIPPO icon logo) on one side. The battery power is from full, half to low, using blue, ice blue, and yellow indicators to form a callback again.

Let’s talk about the VAZO charging cable separately. We have seen many good designs before, but this charging cable is not one of the best we have seen so far. The first is the metal texture at the joints at the two ends, followed by the logo and flame. The pattern’s double echoes are definitely made by heart and come from the same origin.

Ⅲ. Experience and taste

VAZO cartridges are indeed quite beautiful, crystal clear, and very visually transparent. You can feel the impact when you look at the picture. No discomfort was found after 2 days of experience. If you use it for the first time, it is recommended to inhale gently according to the instructions for the first two mouthfuls. From the previous parameters, we can see that the output power of VAZO is slightly higher than that of similar products, so the amount of smoke is relatively sufficient. The draw resistance is lighter and the throat hit is stronger. The detailed experience of several flavors is as follows: pure mint 3.5% comes with the flavor of the set, and European and American products usually like to use mint or tobacco as the default flavor. The mint smell is very positive, the coolness is relatively moderate, the entrance is relatively smooth, and there is a strong throat hit. It’s actually quite difficult to make pure mint. It has no taste when it is weak, and it will have a fragrance when it is thick. This mint should be said to be medium and high-end, and it is completely competent to sit on the standard “top brand” of the suit. When 3.5% of the green apple is in the mouth, the mouth seems to be filled with juice, the taste is green and full-bodied, there will be a hint of green sweetness after exhaling, the reduction of green apple is relatively in place, and the taste buds enjoy a change of astringency over time Sweet process. Most of the apple flavors on the market like to choose green apples, perhaps because of the unique green apples that distinguish them from red apples and yellow apples. The taro milkshake 2.0% smells of fresh milk. You will gradually taste the aroma of chestnut in your mouth, and the aftertaste will last for a long time after you spit it out. The nicotine concentration is slightly lower, but the throat hitting feeling is not significantly weakened, which is enough to relieve the addiction.

Ⅳ. Conclusion

The shadow of ZIPPO on VAZO products can be seen everywhere, the products are full of tonality, and the design is almost impeccable. I have seen some small problems reported by netizens on the Internet, and I have paid special attention to them in the test. They are no longer visible in the new batch. The user experience can objectively be above 9 points. Nowadays, e-cigarettes are under hot development. I hope VAZO can use ZIPPO’s existing channels to bring this compelling and well-known product to you as soon as possible, and achieve extraordinary results.